Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Can you believe it's February, already? Not much new to report on the home front...... Graycen is 7 months old now and almost sitting up. She continues to be a joy with her sweet little spirit. She is eating cereal and vegetables and is loving them.......here are a few pictures of her.

Connor and Spencer are just hilarious these days with their conversations with each other and with us.....I overheard this conversation the other day after they put a talking monkey they have to bed for a nap. Connor: "If he makes anymore noise, we'll have to give him a spanking," followed by Spencer: "Yeah, he better not get out of his bed again!" Wonder where they've heard that before? They love to sing songs, play with their hot wheels and play board games. We are starting to see their competitiveness coming out with the game-playing, though. They are taking a gymnastics class and are having a blast with it. Here are some pictures a friend of Ryan's took of the boys a few months ago......

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Carly said...

i love the couch picture. that is so arty and fun. that little one is really starting to look like the rest of you Dorrs! miss you guys!