Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Is it 2009 already? One of my New Year's resolutions is to update the blog more frequently....I know, I know.... you've heard that one before, but I'll try! Graycen is 6 months old today and Connor and Spencer are doing very well with potty training (see picture below). We had a wonderful Christmas, attending the candlelight Christmas Eve service at our church, then celebrating at home Christmas morning with a birthday party for Jesus and gifts before traveling to Alabama to spend Christmas with my family. Prior to Christmas, we made Christmas cookies, made Christmas tree ornaments, looked at the lights around town and left food for the reindeer on Christmas Eve. We even had enough snow in December to make a snowman!

Leaving food for the reindeer on Christmas Eve....

Practicing our use of the potty.....Spencer was in cowboy character!

Check out this snowman.....he lasted for a couple of hours!

Christmas Eve hanging our stockings....

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Amy said...

Hi Ryan and Leslie! We loved your Christmas letter---you are too funny! I didn't know you were still blogging...your kids are absolutely adorable! We miss you!