Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rainy Day Blues

Aside from a Valentine's party with some of their friends, the boys, Graycen and I have spent many days in the house due to rainy weather and a couple weeks of a sickness that has made it's way through the family..............Thankfully all but Spencer are feeling much better - he was the last one to become sick and hopefully will be feeling better soon. Graycen is sitting on her own some these days, loving her fruits and veggies and giggling at her big brothers. She is really playing with her toys now, and gets very unhappy if you take one from her!

Graycen received her first flowers from her
biggest admirer, her Daddy, on Valentine's Day!
Here she is opening her first Valentine's gift....
One rainy day we decided to get out our easel, turn some
pillowcases into smocks and paint some masterpieces!

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