Thursday, June 21, 2012

Next stop...Washington DC baby!!

Well folks, we made it to the airport a nice five hours early. Got our tickets and have what we are told are bulkhead seats with a bassinet for Hattie. If so, she will hopefully be able to sleep in a little airplane bed for most of the trip. I asked if they had a bed for me as well and they did not. They also did not have a way to avoid a 16 hour flight home. Yep, 16 hours...we pit stop in Rome. Isn't that fun and romantic....nope, we actually don't get off the plane and less you forget we have a 20 month old with us. It just adds a nice three hours to the overall flying time.

Please pray for a safe flight. We are very excited to get back in the states. I am also excited about eating Taco Bell when I get back.

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Laura said...

So excited to hear you are on your way home with Hattie! Continued prayers for all of you.