Friday, September 25, 2009

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer!

In case you're wondering, these are their game faces.....

I was once voted "Most Likely to Be a Soccer Mom" by some of my counseling colleagues back when I was working and the prediction has now been fulfilled. Connor and Spencer have officially become little boys and are playing on a soccer team with our local YMCA and loving almost every minute of it. When we first signed them up, I took them to buy their shoes and shin guards. It was in the afternoon when we made our purchases - they put the shin guards on immediately, wore them until bedtime, then put them on first thing the next morning and wore them until after their first practice when they had to take an afternoon nap. Can you say, REALLY EXCITED! Ryan and a good friend of ours are coaching the team and the boys are doing really well. There was a bit of an adjustment from practices where everyone has their own ball to games where everyone is trying to get one ball. Let's just say there were tears and lots of hurt feelings. However, things are looking up and they had an absolute blast at their last game.

The sun was a little too bright for Connor's liking.......


The first game.....Goooo Red Team!!!!

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