Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back in Business

That's right, folks! We are finally updating pictures of the boys for you. It seems that the website was a bit complicated (only Ryan could update pictures), so we've switched to a blog so that I can hopefully master the art of updating our blog on a regular basis. By regular I do mean more than twice per year! Connor and Spencer are 2 1/2 years old now and are soon to be moving into their "big boy" beds in their new "big boy" room as we get ready for the new baby arriving in late July! Here are some pictures we took Memorial Day weekend at Mimi and Poppy's house (Ryan's parents).

Spencer is on the left and Connor on the right!

Spencer is ready to roll on the tractor.........

Connor showing off one of his silly faces!


Gran Gran said...

Good Job! I'm proud of your technical abilities. What do you think of me being able to comment?
Don't you think I'm high tech, too? Well, I'll have to admit that Debbie actually figured out how to comment. She's so smart. By the way, we couldn't get to the site using the www in front of your site name but when we removed the www and typed in it worked. So you may want to remove the www from the address. I love the pictures! I'll be looking for more. I love you.

Summer said...

Yea!!!!! I'm so proud of you! It will be so fun to see pics of you all!! They are adorable!!

Karen and Harry said...

Congratulations! We are proud of you. I finally had to go to blogspot's homepage to figure it out! But I found you. Where there is a will there is a way. You needed to add the picture of you that was taken in profile!... at 20 weeks. I think everyone would enjoy seeing how far along Baby was at this point! I'm off to work!
Much love,
Mom and Dad Dorr